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Do you need to make an important decision and need a fresh perspective? Someone who can provide an intelligent, unbiased, well thought out opinion, an outside perspective, or a new alternative? Then perhaps it's time to rent a genius. There are people in the world who are just plain smart that can help you and your company make that important decision, or plot a new course of action. Maybe you just need new ideas or a fresh perspective. Maybe you're facing two grim alternatives and you need someone who can put that third choice on the table. Maybe you just want to talk to a stranger to run you brilliant concept past an outside person. Whatever you need, if you need someone smart to talk to about it, I'm available.

I offer a unique and unusual service. I will consult with you over the phone or come to your place of business for onsite consulting. I am well versed in a variety of subjects and I'm capable of providing very good advice on a wide variety of subjects. I am capable of learning new things very quickly and can come up to speed in short order. I can't list everything I do here because I don't want to be limited to the list. So if you need a genius feel free to call an inquire. If I can't help you I may be able to refer you to someone who can.

My best service is my ability to come up with new and unique ideas. I don't think like most people and I don't limit myself to traditional approaches to problem solving. I'm someone who thinks "out of the box". I'm different, and if you want more of the same, use your own staff. But if you want a new and unique perspective, then give me a call.

OK, Perkel, what makes you so damn smart?

I'm glad you asked that question. Let me tell you about my background. I suppose in many ways I was born smart. I have to credit my grandmother for working with me at a very young age. I was able to do multiplication and division when I was in kindergarten. I got into electronics at age 9 and by age 13 I was doing some calculus. I was interested in everything and bored to death with school. As with many people who are brilliant I was persecuted by friends and teachers for being too smart. So I learned to hide it around those who couldn't handle it.

I built my first computer at age 16, which was back in 1971 before Intel invented the microprocessor. I made it out of pin ball machine relays. Took me two years to build it. It figured out the day of the week of any date. Very cool piece of work. I wish I still had it.

In 1973 I got my First Class FCC License with Radar Endorsement. I'm very good at passing written tests. This gave me a license at that time to repair and operate any kind of transmitting equipment that existed. It was the requirement to be the head engineer at radio and TV stations, and at the tender age of 17 I was one of the youngest, if not the youngest ever, to hold this level of license.

After high school which I barely graduated I worked in electronic repair, self taught of course. At the age of 19 I moved to Missouri to live in a commune. Seemed to be the thing to do at the time. Got me a big green school bus and traveled the country fixing CB radios for a living. Spent a lot of time hitchhiking and meeting interesting people in all walks of life.

Eventually the CB business died and I got into computers. Bought a kit to build an IMSAI, Z80 S100 buss with 8k of ram. As a kit it was also my education in computers. It came with no software at all, not even a ROM BIOS. I did have a ROM burner and could enter binary codes into it from front panel switches. I had to teach it how to write characters on the screen and read the keyboard, and eventually read and write data to tape.

Eventually I got a hex dump of a language called "Forth" and typed it in. Once I got it working I rewrote Forth in itself and had my own Forth compiler. And this Forth compiler would eventually evolve into other scripting languages I would market.

In 1982 I did some LSD and figured out how the world worked. I decided to buy a house, start a business, and rejoin the real world. It was quite a trip. In 1984 I borrowed some money and opened Computer Tyme Inc. Originally Computer Tyme was a computer retail store selling Morrow and Leading Edge computers but quickly evolving into PC clones. Made good money at it for 5 years and then decided to get into the software business.

I've written a lot of utility software that I sell to large corporations with big networks. I write tools for network supervisors to manage their computer networks. My more popular programs include MarxMenu, the Network Survival Kit, IniTyme, and BatZap.

In addition to technology I also am a writer. You can explore the site and read all the great stuff I've written. I write on a wide variety if issues.

I'm a political activist. I am a strong Clinton supporter. Taking advantage of Sprint's free Fridays I faxed about 150,000 Letters to the Editor to 1100 newspapers. I've learned ho to write letters that actually get published. My letters have appeared in USA Today, Dallas Morning News, New Your Daily News, San Francisco Chronicle, and the Kansas City Star to name a few. I'm a member of both the Democratic and Republican parties.

How I Think

I have a highly disciplined mind. I look at myself as a mental gymnast. I try to keep my brain in top shape. I think that people can be a lot smarter than they are now if they work at it. Most people allow a lot of trash to accumulate in their mind that detracts from their effective IQ. I believe in reality, what really works. It's my goal to be able to understand the real world for what it really is.

I'm a multicultural person. I associate with a wide variety of people with a wide variety of beliefs. I consider myself a citizen of the planet and that we exist for an instant of time living on a spec of dust in the universe. So there's no point in getting too self important. Because of my background I've developed the ability to act without fear and limitations that most people would have, and being self taught I don't have the boundaries of the educated. I've never been taught what I can't do. In fact, my whole life has been doing the impossible.

I would encourage anyone considering my services to read this site any explore my ideas. When you read what I've written you'll see how I think. You'll see that even if you don't agree with my views that I have a unique and interesting perspective and am able to present my ideas in a logical, well thought out manner.

What do I do?

My services include and kind of work requiring a genius. If you are developing software and need someone to suggest features, I'm good at that. Maybe you're having a meeting to decide the direction your company should take. Maybe you want marketing or advertising ideas. Maybe you have personal problems and you need someone to talk to who isn't going to bullshit you about your situation. Maybe you need a third alternative. Maybe you are evaluating the ethics of something you are about to do. Maybe you need political consulting. I provide these services.

Maybe you just need a fresh idea. A new perspective. An outside opinion. Maybe the solution is right under your nose and you can't see it.

My specialty is being unique and innovative. If there's a way to do something I'm likely to figure it out. I can solve complex problems. I can see the forest through the trees. I can filter out the junk and isolate the relevant issues. I can suppress emotional factors to get to the core problem. I can put a third choice on the table. I can come up with ideas that no one has ever thought of before.

  • Software
  • Electronics
  • Politics
  • Business
  • Networking
  • Computing
  • Web Design
  • Ethics
  • Relationships
  • Brainstorming
  • Brilliant Ideas
  • Outside Perspective
  • Innovation
  • Government Policy
  • Investment
  • Law
  • Personal
  • Counseling

What I Charge

I charge $250/hour for my services. On a daily basis I charge $1500/day. If I have to travel you pay all my reasonable expenses to get me there and keep me there. I'm new at this so all pricing can be tailored to your needs. If what you are looking for isn't here feel free to email me and ask.


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