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Why Thinking Magazine?

Thinking magazine is a collection of articles containing my ideas and a view of reality as I see it. I am totally frustrated with the general stupidity of society and as a way of relieving my frustrations, I have decided to publish my opinions. They may not always be correct, but I do guarantee them to be well thought out and interesting. My purpose is to provide you, the reader, with information that will stimulate you intellectually, whether or not you agree with me.

This publication is dedicated to those readers who are thinkers. That is why I have decided to distribute this electronically. The minimum IQ test here is that you have a computer and a modem and you are a sharp enough user to download a file and read it.

Articles from Thinking Magazine may be reprinted as long as I am mentioned as the author and that you don't butcher the meaning or quote me out of context.

* Joining Both Political Parties - How to be a Democrat and a Republican.
* Letters to the Editor - How to get your Letters Published in Newspapers
* Nerd Liberation Movement - Coming out of the Back Room
* MsDos 7.0 - How to get MsDos 7 from Windows 95
* American Express Sucks - We don't take American Express!
* Dirt on Dole - This guy wants to be President!
* Church of Reality - If it's real, we believe in it!

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