Thinking Magazine #21 06-23-93

I Continue to Beat Up On Congress

Perhaps Bush was right. When Bush was President he was so pathetic that I couldn't really determine much about Congress because I don't think anyone could work effectively with him. When Bush put out his budget, he couldn't even get a majority of Republicans to vote for it.

But, now that Clinton is President it's becoming apparent that Congress is almost as pathetic as Bush is. What a sorry bunch of representatives we have. I've started trying a new tactic to get their attention. Based on the idea that all they care about is getting reelected I wrote the following letter to Senate Democrats:

==[ Supporting The Budget ]==

Along the same lines of thinking, it seems that the Republicans should get a similar letter that is targeted at the Republican perspective.

==[ Republican Political Strategy ]==

Besides beating up on Republicans directly, I'm also working my press list. In many cases when I fax the press I also fax Congress so they get a copy of why I'm sending to the press. This is one that went to both the press and Republicans.

==[ Republicans Hurt Conservative Issues ]==

I'm getting quite a few letters from Congress and some phone calls where they were confused about me. They were wondering, "Am I really a Republican or am I really a Democrat?" So I sent this letter out to answer that question so there isn't any confusion about it.

==[ Who am I and what am I up to? ]==

Beating UP ON Senator Boren

As you know Senator Boren of Oklahoma is promoting a "bipartisan" alternative to the Clinton budget. Actually, it isn't really bipartisan. The only thing bipartisan about it is that it cuts the tax on oil and is being promoted by both Democrats and Republicans whose souls are owned by oil interests.

What it is really happening is that they want to cut taxes for the rich and cut medical benefits for old people. But it's being sold as "more cuts and less taxes". But, since hospitals aren't going to let old people die on the front steps, what it really means is the rest of us pick up the "cut in spending" in the form of higher medical insurance costs.

==[ Senator Boren Sells Out ]==

Some Congressmen Are Strange

Every so often after sending off a bulk fax to Congress, the next morning I would get a fax back which was the fax I sent but had the name of the congressman and all identifying information blotted out with a marking pen. There wasn't any message on the fax and it seems like whoever was doing it was just trying to waste my fax paper.

This last time I looked at it and decided that there's got to be some way to figure out who was sending it. When my fax system generates a fax it patches the fax header with the date and time (to the second) that the fax was generated. It takes about 2.5 seconds to add a fax to the outgoing fax queue which means that each fax would have a different time stamp. Since I'm running on NetWare 3.11 I ran the salvage utility and undeleted the outgoing fax queue. I sorted the files by date and examined them till I found a match.

The culprit turned out to be Congressman George W. Gekas, Republican representing the 7th district of Pennsylvania. I'd like to believe that the Congressman himself wasn't involved and that he just has an immature staff member. Surely Congressmen have better things to do. I responded by faxing him the following letter:

It is interesting to note that of all the congressional offices who have asked me not to fax them (about 5 or so) that they have all been Republicans. My standard response is that it's their job to read my faxes and they will stay on my list.

Perot Comes To Town

In Perot's last sweep of the Midwest he made a stop here in Springfield Missouri. It was very dull. I thought he'd get a lot bigger audience than he did and that there would be national press there. The crowd was only 1500 compared to 9000 that came to see Clinton as a candidate and 12,000 that came to see Bush.

Perot spent the whole time bashing Clinton. Didn't have anything constructive to say except for knocking Congress for living above the law. Our Congressman, Mel Hancock was there. But Mel is also a businessman and he and Perot have a lot in common, except that Perot is against NAFTA and Mel is for it.

So Perot is running for President and he's already started running. I've been to enough political rallies to figure out what's going on and I can spot a politician when I see one. Anyhow, in order to help keep Perot humble I sent this letter off to the press. Perot's a rich guy and he stands to save hundreds of millions if Clinton's budget is defeated. So it makes one have to ask the following question:

==[ Perot's Taxes and Clinton's Budget ]==

Speaking of Perot

I was watching the CBS nightly news last Saturday and they did this piece on the Republicans sucking up to the Perotees to form some sort of united anti-Clinton front. Republicans go for the "The Enemy of my Enemy is my Friend" theory. The same one that led to the Iraq war. The reporter said something that I found fascinating. He said that the Republicans should be careful in mixing it up with the Perotees because Perot might run for President in 1996 AS A REPUBLICAN!

"What a radical idea!", I thought. That's brilliant! Talk about a marriage made in Hell! Can you imagine what a Perot run as a Republican would do to the Republican Party? Anyhow, I wrote up this letter and faxed it off to Republicans.

==[ Told Ya So ]==

I have to admit that I take some liberties with the truth in the above letter. In the first paragraph I imply, when I say, "As you know, even though Perot hasn't admitted he intends to run for President as a Republican, he hasn't ruled it out either.", that Perot was asked the question. Actually, I have no idea if he even know about it. But since the letter is to politicians I use the same standards of honesty and integrity they use. When in Rome ...

The idea here is that the Republicans, my party, (one of my parties), has been bad and hasn't learned its lesson. No amount of reason seems to get through to these people. So I'm thinking that perhaps fear will. After some careful thought I think it would be good for the Republican party if Perot did run.

Perot has a big ego and he's smart and I wonder if I can goat him into it? I'm faxing a letter to the press trying to get them to pursue it. In my opinion the very thought of Perot taking over the Republican party should scare the piss out of them. But they are likely to be too stupid to realize this. Could Perot actually take the Republican party? I don't know. But when you consider what he has going for him he should be able to do it quite easily. If I were playing his hand I wouldn't have any trouble pulling it off.

Off to My 20 Year Class Reunion

Oh no! I'm getting old! Heading back to Wheeling West Virginia to see the "kids" I grew up with. Some of these kids have kids of their own who are now older than they were last time I saw them. I can see it now. "Dianne! You haven't changed a bit!" "No, I'm Sally, Dianne's my mom. Are you my father?"

Actually, that won't happen. I managed to graduate a virgin. Back in those days a nerd was just a nerd. It wasn't till I became a hippy that my luck started to change. I've been gone from West Virginia a long time and these people will be like familiar strangers. But if I don't go I will regret it for the rest of my life. Maybe I'll look up some of the other nerds I used to hang out with.

Well, it's summertime and I'm having a harder time getting into writing Thinking Magazine when I'd rather go out and play. And when I do write I'm beating up on government. So this issue was more politics than I would normally like to have written. I'm reading a very interesting book on theoretical mathematics called "Chaos" by James Gleick. Perhaps I'll do a book report next issue.


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