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Bob Dole wants to be president and Bob Dole will do anything, say anything, screw anybody, to make sure Bob Dole get what Bob Dole wants. Bob Dole thinks it's Bob Dole's turn, but the rest of us would have to live with Bob Dole and deal with Bob Dole's mistakes long after Bob Dole is dead and gone. Bob Dole will get as dirty as it takes to get Bob Dole elected. I say, what's good for the goose is good for the gander.

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Bob Dole Can't Win

I rarely agree with Senator Phil Gramm, but he said it all the day after Bob Dole's response to Clinton's State of the Union Address when he stated that, "Bob Dole can not beat Bill Clinton." Bob Dole trails very badly among Women Voters. Dole trails so badly that in some segments of the population there are more Republicans for Clinton than for Dole. When you look at The Clinton Record you can see Dole is up against a candidate with a long list of accomplishments.

Bob Dole isn't a man of ideas and vision. He defines himself by what he can Obstruct rather than what he can accomplish. Bob Dole doesn't have a message. He doesn't stand for anything. Bob Dole's soul is owned by the Tobacco Lobby which will hurt him with non-smokers and smokers who don't want their kids to start smoking.

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I'm looking for more information to add to this page. So if you have anything, send it my way. And if you want anything from here, feel free to swipe it. It's all public domain. Spread the word or be ruled by Bob Dole.

It's my turn!
That's what this election is all about!
I know it, you know it, and the American People know it.

Dole's Brain is too Old

The following is a verbatim account of a segment of a Bob Dole appearance at a cotton cooperative in Bakersfield, California on June 16, 1996 and published on page A-18 of the New York Times on June 20, 1996.

"My wife was here six days last week, and she'll be back next week, and she does an outstanding job. And when I'm elected, she will not be in charge of health care. Don't worry about it. Or in charge of anything else. (Muffled crowd gasp.) I didn't say that. It did sort of go through my mind. But she may have a little blood bank in the White House. But that's all right. We need it. It doesn't cost you anything. These days, it's not all you give at the White House - your blood. You have to give your file. I keep wondering if mine's down there. Or my dog. I got a dog named Leader. I'm not certain they've got a file on Leader. He's a schnauzer. I think he's been cleaned. We've had him checked by the vet but not by the FBI or the White House. He may be suspect, but in any event, we'll get into that later. Animal rights or something of that kind. But this is a very serious election."

Dole Resigns Senate in Disgrace!

After serving in Congress since God was a kid, Bob Dole suddenly resigns his job in an all or nothing bid for the Whitehouse. But what is his strategy? Why did he really resign? That's a mystery that is baffling Democrats and Republican alike.

Dole's excuse is so he can focus on the campaign, but that just an excuse. Dole could have just delegated his duties to others. He could have just stepped down as majority leader. But resign the senate? What is the point in resigning the Senate? That has no strategic value at all.

After carefull thought I have figured it out. After other candidates lost they had the luxury of crawling away and hiding. Dukakas no longer exists. Mondale, Carter, and Ford vanished for a decade. But what about Dole? He would have 2 more years to serve in the Senate as a loser who brought down the Republican Party. By resigning now, Dole can crawl off and hide after Clinton kicks his ass this November.

This decision was an emotional impulsive decision that Dole made by himself. I came to this conclusion because Newt, on the morning of the announcement didn't have a clue it was going to happen. Neither did anyone else. So this was not a plan that was coordinated with his fellow Republicans. Dole acted alone causing his party to scramble for excuses. Newt did a good job considering he had to make things up on the fly. But the Republicans were as surprised as the Democrats.

But the bottom line is, Dole is preparing for defeat. He knows he's doomed and it's over for him. If you see him drop out of the race, you heard it here first.

What Other Republicans say about Bob Dole

Jack Kemp on Bob Dole:

Newt Gingrich calls Bob Dole, "The tax collector for the Welfare State".

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Bob Dole Cheats in 1988 Election

While Bob Dole is spending 100 million dollars of your money to try to dig up dirt on Clinton over Whitewater, the conservative media chooses to ignore a much bigger scandal about Dole. A scandal that's real. When it comes to running for office, Bob Dole cheats. Bob Dole is like Nixon all over again.

Bob Dole's election fraud has caught the attention of the Kansas City Star which prompted them to expose both Bob Dole's receint Money Laundering Scandal as well as Dole's History of Election Fraud. Whoops! There goes the character issue!

In August, 1993, the FEC levied what FEC spokesman Scott Moxley said was "the largest civil penalty we've ever had against a presidential campaign" against Senator Dole's 1988 presidential campaign. The Dole campaign paid a fine of $100,000, publicly admitted to such violations as taking contributions from corporations, illegally using corporate jets, and violating state-by-state spending limits.

Among the violations were:

  1. Overspending by $304,065 in the Iowa primary and by $284,084 in the New Hampshire primary;
  2. Improperly accepting $64,043 from corporations;
  3. Improperly accepting $239,131 from 418 different individuals, each of whom had already contributed the maximum primary contribution ($1000).
  4. Spending $41,887 in exploratory funds in Iowa and $5,359 in New Hampshire, when the maximum allowed for testing the waters research and polling is $5,000 per state.
  5. Improperly allowing Campaign America, Dole's PAC, to spend $47,247 on campaign-related activities (PAC limit is $5000.)
  6. Failure to pay in advance for use of corporate aircraft.
  7. Failure to report receipts and disbursements of 18 "delegate committees" in Dole campaign reports.
  8. Eleven other respondents agreed to pay civil penalties of about $23,000.

Bob Dole is not a Leader

Bob Dole is not, nor has he ever been, a leader in the Republican Party. This is most obvious when he appears with Newt Gingrich. Any time you see Bob and Newt together, Newt is always in charge. Standing next to Newt, Dole looks pitiful. Dole was most pitiful when he gave his sorry response to Clinton's State of the Union Address. The messenger was Dole, but the message was from Newt. Newt is a lot smarter than Dole and Newt is the real leader of the Republican Party. Dole is merely a team player.

But it's not Newt who's running for president. It's Dole! And that raises the question; If Dole isn't even a leader in his own party, how is he going to be the leader of the free world? The answer is, obviously, he's not. But if he gets elected, who will be the real president?

Newt's already discussing the issue of a Clinton/Dole debate. Newt's a smart guy and he knows that Clinton would cream Dole in a one on one debate. So Newt's already making excuses for Dole. "Bob Dole is a man of action, not of words.", says Newt. He's a doer, not a talker. Well, we know he's not a talker, but a doer? He hasn't done anything.

Well, that's not true. He helped Reagan raise your taxes. He helped talk Bush (read my lips) into raising your taxes. He didn't help Clinton though, but he's a Democrat. Will Bob Dole raise your taxes if he became president. You bet he will, and it will be Clinton's fault. Bob Dole is a "blame the other guy" type of politician.

Bob Dole is stopping Health Care Reform

There is a bipartisan bill know as the Kassenbaum-Kennedy health care act that would make it so that you could keep your health care insurance if you change jobs. This bill would pass instantly and the president would sign it. There is just one obstacle to this bill, and that obstacle is Bob Dole.

As senate majority leader Bob Dole controls what bills make it to the senate floor and what bill sit and rot. And Bob Dole has chosen to let this bill rot. It's time we sent Bob Dole a message that putting his personal political career ahead of our health care isn't going to be tolerated.

Campaign Dirty Tricks: Fraudulent Attack "Polls"

The Wall Street Journal has confirmed allegations that Dole's campaign used phony polls to smear the his opponents, and paid over $1 million to just one firm -- Campaign Tel -- that does this.

Worse yet, Bob Dole flat out lied about this when asked about this in February. When the Forbes campaign complained about these "polls", Dole said "We're not making any phone calls." But now his spokes woman Christina Martin says the calls just "mirrored our television commercials" (which is also untrue) and Campaign Tel issued a statement saying "The message of our calls has been consistent with the Dole campaign's paid advertising program." Dole financial reports confirm that they have paid Campaign Tel over $1 million already.

Among other things, the "pollsters" accused Gramm and Alexander of dirty campaign tricks, and attacked Forbes' flat tax. Callers told people that "the Iowa Farm Bureau had passed a resolution opposing the Forbes flat tax" -- which is a lie -- and claimed to represent either the bureau or "Iowa Farm Families". There is no such group, and the New York-based Campaign Tel company's employees had no connection with Iowa farms, of course.


Ruthlessness is a longstanding issue with Bob Dole. Candidates for president are often judged on whether they have "fire in the belly", the overwhelming desire to win the presidency, which is presumably needed to get through all the BS, mudslinging, fund-raising, media circuses, etc. Bob Dole has a blast furnace in his belly, and every ounce of his impressive will power is directed to that goal.

The more important question is, has his desire overwhelmed the rest of his humanity? The desire for power is rarely seen more nakedly or purely than in Bob Dole (and his wife Elizabeth), and it is an interesting and scary exercise to wonder what Dole would do with the huge reservoir we give to Presidents. He does not seem to be an ideologue, or to have huge, history-changing goals. Would he simply relish his achievement, or should we fear where he ego would roam once his lifetime goal and fixation has been reached?

At various stages of his political career, he has shown no sign of conscience about attacking his opponents with every kind of vicious attack, at least in campaign. Dole was picked by Ford as his vice-presidential candidate (replacing Nelson Rockefeller, who actually served as Ford's VP) precisely to serve as his attack dog, and Dole played that role with obvious relish.

In his difficult 1974 campaign for reelection to Congress, he won in large part with attacks on his opponent for having performed abortions. The man, an obstretrician, had delivered thousands of babies and had performed a handful of therapeutic abortions over the years -- hideously deformed fetuses, illnesses where the mother would have died, etc. Dole slammed his opponent for this, asking high school students to "ask your parents if they know how many abortions [his opponent] has performed". Flyers with photos of fetuses in trash can were placed on cars in Catholic neighborhoods right before the vote. Dole denied any responsibility, and narrowly won reelection (with a heavy majority in those Catholic neighborhoods.)

Political Favors for Big Campaign Contributors

The most consistent scandal of Dole's political career is his consistent and intense pattern of doing political favors for big political contributors. Bob Dole has perfected the art of getting money in every way imaginable, from direct contributions to free or low-cost loaned jets, contributions to PACs and charities he controls, and in money given to his wife Elizabeth -- and her charities. When Senators were allowed to receive payments for giving speeches, Dole spoke often and very profitably. When that was banned, Elizabeth took over, and has since spoken to many of the same special interests and lobbying groups Dole spoke to.

It has long been known that Dwayne Andreas, and the company he runs -- Archer Daniels Midland company -- are major benefactors of Dole. Archer Daniels is an agricultural giant under investigation for price-fixing and bribery). What has Dole received? Hundreds of thousands of dollars of campaign money, plus many flights on corporate jets -- which Dole has used to fly around the country, campaigning and raising more money from other big money donors. (Dole pays ADM the cost of a first class plane ticket, and receives a private jet waiting for him -- and his staff - on demand. Shortly after Elizabeth Dole took over the Red Cross, with a substantial salary, ADM gave a solid million dollars to the Red Cross, which certainly made her job easier.

What has Archer Daniels received? Dole helped arrange and protect a $3.5 BILLION tax credit for ethanol (54 cents per gallon.) Archer Daniels makes 60% of this ethanol and receives $2 billion directly from this tax credit. Dole has also used his considerable clout to protect price supports and other agricultural policies that help ADM, such as sugar price supports that make ADM's competitive product -- corn syrup -- cheaper.

And a recent study revealed the Gallo winery family has actually given Dole more than ADM -- over $440,000 over the years. Dole's take: $381,000 in direct contributions, $790,000 for the Dole Foundation, and another $100,000 to the "Better America Foundation" - Dole's PAC. What the Gallos got in return, besides continuing support for government export subsidies, was a special transfer tax provision will save the Gallo family over $100 million in inheritance taxes on the estates of Julio and Ernest (Julio died in 1993; Ernest is still alive.) Dole, who backed the measure as a senior member of the 1986 Senate Finance Committee, openly called this measure "the Gallo Wine Amendment."

The Sleaziest of Allies: Alfonse D'Amato

One of the biggest marks against Dole is his closeness with Alfonse ("Never indicted yet!") D'Amato, one of the sleaziest politicians in the US. Dole told Newsweek: "I call him King Al." Dole has already put him in charge of the Senate Banking Committee, and in return D'Amato is stretching out and milking the Whitewater hearings on in every way possible, despite what has to be seen as only very modest successes. (It's strange to think that these hearings have gone on longer than the OJ Simpson trial, as Democrats have pointed out.) D'Amato is also Dole's New York state campaign chairman.

With Dole as president, expect D'Amato to be a Cabinet Secretary, or perhaps Dole's replacement as President of the Senate. Or a Supreme Court Justice.

Intensely Cynical

Bob Dole has been playing the Washington game so long (since 1961) and so well that he long ago stopped even trying to accomplish anything positive. He likes to shoot down dumb ideas, and has a residual sense of responsibility that would probably prevent him from committing horrible crimes, but he has a cynical acceptance of the Washington game similar to Bob Packwood's. He knows exactly who he needs to help to get contributions, who he needs to cut deals with, and exactly how to pander to interest groups in his campaigns - and doesn't pretend otherwise. The most amazing example was earlier this year when he told a campaign audience, "If you want me to be Reagan, I'll be Reagan." He also has been blatantly pandering to the NRA (supporting assault rifle legalization) and the Christian Coalition (on abortion and other issues). Yet he can't understand why sincere true believers never quite trust him.

At the end of the 1994 Congress, he masterminded the effort that blocked a bipartisan health care bill, campaign reform, and other measures he paid lip service to, simply to gain partisan advantage (and avoid passing popular items like the portable health insurance that he didn't really want to pass.) He has never been criticized for blocking campaign reform, which had enough votes from both Republicans and Democrats to pass easily, even though he takes in more money from special interests than almost anyone else in the history of the nation.

Inability to Delegate

Bob Dole doesn't really trust people who don't share his region -- the Midwest -- and his values, such as self-effacing hard work. Unfortunately, practically no one in Washington qualifies, and he has long had difficulty in building the kind of team that could help him run the country, especially as he ages from 73 to 81. His reaction has always been to work harder, demand more from the quiet types he does trust, and work harder again.

Bill Clinton tried a similar approach when he took office, with disastrous results. Unlike Clinton, who did not yet know Washington and its talent pool, Dole has nowhere else to turn to for help if Plan A goes sour. Imagine where the Clinton administration would be if Bill had been unable to ditch his failing Arkansas allies and get some major league bench help? Imagine where Dole will be if he has a small stroke and doesn't trust anyone -- besides Elizabeth -- to take over part of his massive workload?

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